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Astronomers think they’ve detected an interstellar object approaching our solar system.
Called “C/2019 Q4,” the object appears to be following a path originating from outside the solar system. It may pass within millions of miles of Mars.
This would be only the second interstellar object ever observed in our solar system. The first such visitor, ‘Oumuamua, took scientists by surprise in 2017. This time, they’re getting ready to watch C/2019 Q4 with “everything” they can, one astronomer said.
If C/2019 Q4 is indeed interstellar, scientists should be able to study the object until it grows too dim to see in early 2021.
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Astronomers may have spotted the second object ever to visit our solar system from another star system. The object may zip within 200 million miles of Mars later this year, though it’s still far away.

The scientists’ hunch is strong but not yet certain: Right now, the chances are much higher that the object, known as “C/2019 Q4,” is interstellar, rather than an asteroid or comet from within the solar system.

The first such interstellar object ever detected — the mysterious and controversial cigar-shaped space rock ‘Oumuamua — zoomed through …read more

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