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Bloomberg reports that FTC officials have been interviewing small businesses who sell through Amazon about the company’s business practices.
The interviews lasted roughly 90 minutes and interviewees were asked how big a portion of their revenue Amazon sales make up, three merchants told Bloomberg.
Experts told Bloomberg the length of the interviews and the number of staff assigned to them indicate the FTC is in the early stages of an official probe into Amazon.
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A new report from Bloomberg appears to indicate that the Federal Trade Commission ramping up an investigation into Amazon over its marketplace.

Attorneys and at least one economist have been conducting lengthy, in-depth interviews with small businesses that sell their products through Amazon, three of the merchants interviewed told Bloomberg.

They were specifically asked how much of their revenue comes from Amazon sales as opposed to other e-commerce sites including Walmart and eBay, and the interviews lasted roughly 90 minutes.

Vox reported in June that the FTC had started speaking to the company’s competitors to gain some insight into its business practices. It did not name who these competitors were, and noted that these talks did not necessarily mean a …read more

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