Pablo and Virginia are the newest cotton-top tamarins at the Nashville Zoo. The twin’s birth on April 20th was the third for their parents and brought the establishment’s cotton-top tamarin population to six.

While the species is known to have a high infant mortality rate, Pablo and Virginia’s mom and dad helped to ensure their survival, a move unusual for male cotton-top tamarins.

At only 5-months-old, the monkeys have already developed their individual personalities to differentiate themselves from the rest of the zoo’s other monkeys. While Pablo is much more investigative and explorative, Virginia is much more reserved and cautious, a characteristic that is easy to notice, according to zookeepers.

“At this point in time, the infants are pretty inseparable from each other,” explained primate keeper Hollie Wiegand to AOL Lifestyle. However, as they grow older, both will gain greater confidence and less dependent on each other and their family group!

See more of Pablo and Virginia in the video above!

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