The very best thing about the multi-state antitrust investigation of Google is that the federal government isn’t involved at all.

In normal times, you’d expect — even hope for — the feds to lead an inquiry into a company that captures more than 75 percent of all spending on online search ads, and whose influence extends into nearly every aspect of our digital lives. But these aren’t normal times. President Trump runs the federal government, and in his hands, antitrust law is a dangerous weapon.

We know this because the investigation into Google is just the second major antitrust investigation announced in the United States during the last week. The other, from the Department of Justice, is an investigation into four car companies — Ford, Honda, Volkswagen, and BMW.

The car companies crossed Trump: They have jointly agreed to meet tough air standards set by California, rather than go along with softer rules announced by the Trump administration. So Trump is plainly using the power of the federal government to intimidate them and other car companies — and to make them pay a price for not getting on board with his agenda. That is the very definition of …read more

Source:: The Week – Politics


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