A high-quality indoor bike trainer can help you replicate the outdoor riding experience, isn’t too loud, and is made of durable materials.
Our guide features trainers that are easy to use, work with a variety of bike types, and have a track record of performance.
The Elite Direto 2 Interactive Smart Trainer is our top pick because it’s easy to set up, compatible with the most popular training apps, and lightweight and affordable compared to other direct drive trainers.

With an indoor bike trainer, I can simulate the outdoor riding experience when the weather turns nasty without risking life and limb.

Bike trainers have been around for more than a century. The first trainers were bike rollers, which consisted of three rolling cylinders — two in the back and one in the front — on which the bike rests as you pedal away. You can still find bike rollers, and they are excellent for fine-tuning your balance. However, they are no longer as popular as they once were.

Most of today’s trainers hold the bike in place. Here are the types of trainers you will come across:

Friction Trainers: Until recently, friction trainers were all the rage. They supply fluid or magnetic resistant to the …read more

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