A good hiking pack is important for enjoying your next day hike or overnight camping trip and you need a reliable pack for multi-day treks, especially if you wander miles away from civilization.
The Osprey Stratos 50 Backpack is our top choice because it’s durable, intuitively designed, a good size, and affordable.

At the time of this writing, I have three full-sized hiking packs tucked away in my basement closet. Piled beside them are a handful of smaller daypacks. Um… four, I think, as I gave one away not too long ago. And there are a few foldable/rolling summit packs in there, too. When you get deep into a hobby, you end up with a lot of stuff, OK? And besides, I can justify owning most of them.

As similar as one hiking backpack might seem to another at first glance, different hiking packs serve purposes and are suited for different environments and users. When I set out for a 10-day trek through the mountains of South America last year, for example, I left behind a beloved pack I had relied upon for years because it just wasn’t capable of dealing with rainforest downpours. The pack I trusted during that …read more

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