An investigation from Privacy International found various period-tracking apps with millions of downloads were sharing extremely sensitive and detailed data with Facebook and other third-parties.
Two apps in particular, Maya and MIA Fem, shared details as personal as when users last had sex.
Following the report Maya told Privacy International it was removing the Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK) that was facilitating this data sharing.
A Facebook spokeswoman told Business Insider the platform’s terms of service “prohibit developers from sending us sensitive health information and we enforce against them when we learn they are.”
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An investigation from privacy advocacy group Privacy International found that period-tracking apps downloaded by millions of users shared alarmingly sensitive data with Facebook and other third-parties, including users’ drinking habits, medical symptoms, and when they last had sex.

Privacy International’s report identified five apps which shared data with Facebook. It focused on two apps in particular — Maya and MIA Fem — which the report said were sharing alarming amounts of detail.

Maya has over five million downloads on the Google Play Store, while MIA Fem has one million.

Both apps had Facebook’s Software Development Kit (SDK). SDK lets apps use certain features, for …read more

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