Look out, bars, tanning salons and gyms around the country.

You’re about to have a situation on your hands.


Following an eight-month stint behind bars after he pleaded guilty on tax evasion charges, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino is scheduled to be released from Otisville Federal Correctional Institution on Thursday, September 12.

The reality star has reportedly been on his best behavior ever since checking in to this facility late last year — and he also reportedly has major plans upon his release.

Such as?

Putting a baby inside his wife, Lauren, according to multiple sources.

How exciting, right?!?

Ever since his incarceration, Sorrentino has remained in the news at time due to visits from Lauren and also some of his Jersey Shore co-stars.

They’ve posted for photos with their loved one and, as you can see above, shared some of these photos on social media.

We can expect to see plenty more of these over the next several weeks, after Mike gets out of the big house, but here’s the thing:

He won’t be walking out and then into the arms of his beloved better half.

Instead, as previously reported, Sorrentino will head to a halfway house, per the conditions of his earlier guilty plea.

“Mike is getting …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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