Apple Watch Titanium

Apple just unveiled the Apple Watch Series 5, which comes in new titanium and ceramic casings and has an always-on display.
Like the name suggests, the always-on display allows you to view information at a glance without moving your wrist to turn the screen on — a feature that brings a lot more convenience to the Apple Watch.
Here’s a brief look at the Apple Watch based on the few minutes I had with it.
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CUPERTINO, California — Apple just unveiled an updated version of the Apple Watch that comes with a new always-on display, a built-in compass, and new titanium and ceramic finishes. The new watch, called the Series 5, starts at $400 and will be launching on September 20.

That always-on display is important for the Apple Watch since it makes it much better at its most basic job: functioning as a wristwatch. Now that the Apple Watch has an always-on display, you can just glance down at your wrist to see the time and other information without having to move your wrist to turn on the screen.

That brings the Apple Watch up to speed with rivals like Fitbit, which just announced the …read more

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