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Constance Wu on her Twitter tantrum: ‘I’m not proud of what I said’

I loved Hustlers, but as I said in my mini-review, I thought Constance Wu was actually the weakest part. She was the “lead,” but for half of the film, she was mostly a stand-in for the audience as she watched and worshipped Jennifer Lopez’s character Ramona. Constance Wu is a talented actress, but I’m not […]

All the new iPhone iOS 13 gestures you need to know

The new iOS 13 software update brought a bunch of new iPhone gestures. Now you can quickly browse a page by dragging the scroll bar. Selecting text will also be easier. Now you can tap the cursor to pick it up and drag it exactly where you want, triple-tap to select sentences, quadruple-tap to select […]

The 2020 Democratic presidential candidates who would benefit most if these 13 mid-tier contenders dropped out of the race

The bloated Democratic primary field is quickly narrowing down, and the inevitable spate of dropouts will likely benefit the top-tier of the field and enable them to consolidate more support. In the past month alone, five candidates called it quits after failing to meet the stricter requirements to qualify for the September and October DNC […]