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Jen Harley was front and center on Jersey Shore: Family Vacation once again this week.

She was involved in yet another confrontation.

With on-again/off-again/on-again/why-aren’t-these-two-permanently-off-again Ronnie? Nope.

With Vinny’s hilarious uncle, Nino!

The latest installment of this MTV franchise took us back to Mike’s wedding day, specifically the reception and even more specifically the fallout from absolutely everyone getting totally wasted.

This included Uncle Nino, who chose to corner Ronnie’s baby mama and ask about all the stories he had been hearing and reading about on the World Wide Web.

At one point during the alcoholo-fueled evening, Jen found herself alone at the table with Uncle Nino — who had been pounding wine since the moment arrived.

Deena Cortese and her husband, Chris, were close by.

And so were network cameras…

“Jen, Jen,” Nino said to Harley.

“Ronnie is sweetheart. I know he adores you. Adores you. Adores. He’s a good, a good, a good soul. A beautiful soul. He doesn’t care about any other women. They don’t exist.”

(Doesn’t care about other women, huh? They don’t exist, you say? These are questionable statements.)

Deena and Chris didn’t even try to keep a straight face upon hearing this claim, busting out with laughter as footage of Ronnie bringing home that busty …read more

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