Is Robert Francis O’Rourke actually running for president? Don’t misunderstand me. I am fully aware that he remains, nominally, one of the 400 different generic white guy moderates currently seeking the Democratic nomination. (Actually, make that 399: John Hickenlooper’s graceful exit on Tuesday via YouTube has narrowed the field slightly.) What I am asking is whether he actually wants to win.

I am wondering because Beto recently announced that he will not be campaigning in Iowa or New Hampshire, the states in which the earliest of these things called “primary contests” are held. (You need to win those, you see, in order to become the your party’s nominee.) He is not the first candidate to do this, as a few political junkies would probably remind me if I did not mention it: Ignoring the early-voting states was also Rudy Giuliani’s 2008 strategy. It is widely considered one of the worst in the history of American politics.

Instead of subjecting himself to the endless state-fair meet and greets, the cookouts, the town halls, the Q&As during general sessions of the Iowa Pork Congress, Beto now says that he intends to follow his heart by traveling to parts of …read more

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