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Some young online creators, like college vloggers, TikTok stars, and Instagram influencers, are earning more than their parents and friends.
The influencer-focused wealth-management company, Semaphore, helps creators like these sustain and grow their revenue.
Semaphore CEO Michael Bienstock told Business Insider that he’s noticed some teen and college-aged influencers feel isolated when they begin earning more than anyone they know.
For more about Semaphore, check out the full interview with Bienstock on Business Insider Prime.

For a rising teen influencer, it can be an emotional shock when they start making more money than their parents — or anyone else they know, for that matter.

When a YouTube star or other influencer begins to gain traction, they’ll often start building their empire by rolling out merchandise and branded products, as well as profiting off sponsored posts on Instagram, and earning revenue from Google AdSense on YouTube.

All these sources of revenue add up. Some younger creators, like college vloggers on YouTube and viral TikTok stars, are earning more than their family and friends.

18-year-old YouTube star Emma Chamberlain, who has 8 million subscribers, didn’t grow up with money.

“There were times when we couldn’t even go to the movies, when I was a kid, because there …read more

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