June Smart Oven

A small number of June Oven owners have reported that their devices have turned on unknowingly in the middle of the night or early morning, according to reports from The Spoon and The Verge.
The issue was caused by errors in the way the oven received commands from connected devices like smartphones.
The company is issuing an update that should address the malfunction by allowing users to disable the feature that lets them remotely preheat their oven from their phone.
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At least three people have reported that their smart countertop ovens have turned on overnight without their knowledge, according to reports from The Spoon and The Verge.

June, the company behind the smart ovens that turned on unknowingly, said it plans to release a software update in the near future that will let owners disable the feature that lets them preheat the oven from their smartphone, which could remedy the issue. Errors related to the way the user’s devices communicated with the oven were to blame for the accidental preheats, the company said.

In one scenario, an owner’s oven turned on unknowingly at around 2:30 a.m. and broiled at 400 degrees, The …read more

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