Ziva on NCIS

Even though CBS claims that Pauley Perette and Mark Harmon settled their differences, Pauley is not returning to NCIS.

In fact, rumor has it that the seemingly unstoppable series is going to feature yet another dramatic casting shakeup.

Could Gibbs get the boot and be replaced by a character fans never thought they’d see again?

Rumors have been circulating that NCIS could have a major casting shakeup.

Some speculation shared to Reddit suggests that the show may lose its 67-year-old lead, played by Mark Harmon, for a familiar face.

“Gibbs is old now, I stand by that the only way this show can continue is if Ziva takes his place as team lead,” writes one Redditor.

That same post continues: “Oh how wonderful that would be.”

“They could just write that for her child’s protection Tony is taking care of her in hiding,” suggests another.

That Reddit post adds: “I wouldn’t be mad at all, anything to have her back.”

Back in 2005, Kate was famously murdered during an episode that shocked NCIS fans to their cores.

This is when Cote de Pablo joined the cast, playing a complicated and tough-as-nails Mossad agent, Ziva David.

Her character was a relentless badass, and brought something to the show even …read more

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