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Joining a startup could either mean being a part of a successful company’s growth (and benefiting financially and professionally) or a bad company’s legacy.
We spoke with founders, HR experts, and startup hiring managers to gather the best questions you should be asking in a job interview to determine whether a startup is worth working for.
They mentioned bringing up runway, core values, company culture, and benefits as a way to vet a company’s management, mission, and potential.
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Joining a startup could be the best career move you ever make — or the worst. That’s because if you pick a winner and get in on the ground floor of what later becomes a successful company, you stand to reap substantial benefits, both financially and professionally. But if your radar is off and you sign on with a dud, the inverse is true — and it can take years to recover from the damages.

So how do you know when a company has potential? Is it all just luck whether you land at the next Facebook or become part of the often-quoted statistic that says that around 90% of startups fail? Should you take …read more

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