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Nukemap VR is a new virtual-reality experience that lets users detonate a nuclear weapon in New York City.
The simulation is designed to educate the public about the scale and scope of atomic explosions.
The project is part of a $500,000 project called Reinventing Civil Defense at the Stevens Institute of Technology, which aims to “restore a broad, cultural understanding of nuclear risk.”
Future iterations of Nukemap VR, which is based on the interactive Nukemap tool, may let users simulate any nuke and location in the world.

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Nuking the city of New York was terrifyingly easy and disturbingly informative.

From the bank of the Hudson River in Hoboken, New Jersey, while gazing out at the Manhattan skyline, I simply moved my hand over a giant red button, and then pushed it in.

A bright white flash temporarily blinded me. About half a second later, a deafening blast akin to 1,000 thunderclaps pounded my ears. Next came an ominous and murmuring roar: the audible lingering aftermath of the nuclear explosion. The noise bounced around the area for what seemed like an eternity, yet was no more than a minute.

When my vision recovered, the city’s skyline …read more

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