You can block YouTube channels to prevent certain users from interacting with your channel using either your computer or a mobile device.
When you block a channel on YouTube, it won’t prevent that account from being able to view your public videos, but it will prevent them from being able to comment on your videos through that account.
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The internet is great — until it isn’t. And sometimes the free exchange needs to be dialed back a bit, especially when it comes to that one troll who won’t seem to leave you alone.

On YouTube, the best way to handle this situation is blocking the offending user because it prevents them from being able to comment on your content.

While there isn’t a way to keep them from viewing your content altogether, assuming your video is public, it does at least prevent further trolling from that account.

Here’s how to block someone else’s YouTube channel on your computer or mobile device.

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How to block YouTube channels on a computer

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