Many white evangelical Christians voted reluctantly for President Trump in 2016, seeing him as the lesser evil to Hillary Clinton, “but now, many are genuinely delighted by the Trump they’ve seen in office,” The Washington Post reports, citing interviews with 50 evangelicals in Wisconsin, Florida, and Pennsylvania.

Trump got a higher percentage of white evangelical voters than the previous three Republican nominees, and Ralph Reed, chairman of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, predicts he’ll meet or beat that in 2020. Polling supports that claim. White evangelicals fawning over a thrice-married, adulterous, Bible-mangling blasphemer confuses a lot of people, but not the evangelicals who spoke with the Post.

First, many white evangelicals appreciate that Trump bullies the secular left on their behalf, talking about God in public and loudly criticizing liberal views on abortion, gay rights, and gender, especially after what “felt like a nightmare” of Obama’s eight-year presidency, the Post reports. Trump promised to fight for and defend evangelicals, Reed said. “He gets it. He knows they’re hungry for that.” Evangelicals pay special attention to the courts — Trump is going gangbusters in appointing young conservative judges — and they believe Trump shares …read more

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