Hers, the sister company of Hims, lets women buy certain prescriptions online without having to see a doctor in person. Instead, medical consultations with doctors occur online.
For those too busy or inconvenienced by traditional healthcare, it makes the process for of getting sexual wellness (birth control and the “female Viagra”) and prescription acne treatments markedly more streamlined.
I tried the a.m./p.m. Acne Treatment ($44), and I was impressed by the ease of ordering, fast delivery, and overall efficacy.
There are some cons to consider, but I had a good experience with the process and products, and think it’s a convenient service that can make it a little easier to access healthcare.

For many, finding a trusted dermatologist — and more realistically, one that’s in-network — can be nearly impossible. For others, the time commitment, waitlists, and taking a half day for a visit just to get a prescription are enough of a reason to simply “make do” living with acne. When I moved cross-country still using my parents’ now-irrelevant insurance, I was very much left to the former group.

In other words, clumsy imperfections of the healthcare system can prevent people from accessing …read more

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