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Google has been struggling with internal and external criticism across the last several years on a variety of issues, from lacking diversity in its workforce to its work in China.
One major source of those issues is the company’s acceptance of “aberrant geniuses,” according to former CEO Eric Schmidt. “You need these aberrant geniuses because they’re the ones that drive, in most cases, the product excellence,” he told Wired in a recent piece.
One of the “aberrant geniuses” named is former Android head Andy Rubin, who left Google in 2014 with a $90 million exit package after being accused of coercing a coworker to perform oral sex.
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Google has been having a rough few years.

Last June, its big government contract for Project Maven was scrapped when company executives gave in to internal criticism. Then, in November, employees walked out in protest over claims of sexual misconduct leveled at top executives. Finally, in July of this year, after employees pushed back against a censored version of Google Search being developed for China, that project was revealed as canceled as well.

As it turns out, all of those issues were rooted in …read more

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