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There are several steps you could take to unfreeze your iPad when it freezes or crashes.
If you’re running too many apps on your iPad, it may freeze. This doesn’t mean your iPad is broken.
Certain apps that have become corrupted might need to be deleted and reinstalled if they freeze or crash often.
Simply forcing an iPad to power down and then turning it back on is the most reliable way to unfreeze it, but this approach will also mean losing any progress you have made and haven’t saved.
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When it comes to computers and tablets, one way to deal with a frozen device is to put it down, walk away, and give it a few minutes to work. Like a watched pot that doesn’t boil, a frozen iPad seems never to come back, but with a bit of time, it just might.

If the timeout isn’t working and you have work to do right now, then it’s time to get a bit more proactive in unfreezing that iPad.

Here are various things you can try to fix a frozen iPad.

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