Finding great footwear for kids is hard enough before you take bad weather into account. Children’s rain boots need to be comfy, durable, and tolerable enough for picky little ones to wear.
The Hunter First Classic Waterproof Rain Boots are a bit of an investment, but they’ll hold up and keep feet dry through torrential downpours. Plus, they’re super cute.

Rain footwear is tough to nail down for anyone, but when you add the constantly changing feet of toddlers and children to the mix, it becomes nearly impossible. Children tend to be more active — and more prone to purposefully leaping into puddles — than adults, and so kids’ rain books need to stand up to a lot, without breaking the bank.

By design, kids rain boots are pretty similar to their grown-up counterparts, typically made of rubber and sometimes with additional features like handles for easy on/off. They tend to come in a variety of fun colors and patterns ranging from silly and fun to simple one-color designs.

Of course, the challenge when shopping for any kids’ clothing items is that toddlers and children grow fast. You don’t want to drop a ton of cash on rain boots that won’t fit in …read more

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