Vuolo Family

Jinger Duggar has long enjoyed a reputation as the most rebellious member of her famous family.

But while the 25-year-old might enjoy rocking the boat by defying the famous Duggar dress code and taking up fresidence in a liberal, coastal metrpopolis, the stability of her marriage has never been called into question — until now.

Jinger has always been effusive in her praise of husband, Jeremy Vuolo.

But lately she’s been piling it on thicker than ever.

And some fans suspect all this pro-Jeremy propaganda might be part of Jinger’s attempt to repair a fractured relationship.

It’s a stretch, but to be fair, it’s no the most bonkers Duggar theory we’ve ever heard.

It all started when Jinger posted this photo of Jeremy last week.

“I love our little family. God has been so kind in giving me the most incredible husband in the world!” she captioned the pic.

“I don’t have enough words to describe how much I love & adore him. He is selfless, kind, fun, caring, humorous sensitive, strong, loving, compassionate, always serving his family, and loving Christ supremely.

Jinger went on to praise Jeremy’s skills as a father, writing:

“I absolutely love watching Jer as he so gently cares for our sweet Felicity. She …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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