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Goldman Sachs chief US equity strategist David Kostin says that with US-China trade tensions likely to drag on for a long time, investors need ways to identify stocks that can excel.
Kostin says companies focused on the US service sector are well-positioned to benefit from economic trends and safe from the trade war, and while goods producers remain vulnerable to tariffs and a weakening global economy.
He names 10 stocks to buy in the service group — along with 5 others that might benefit from ultra-low labor costs — and 10 to avoid in the goods sector.
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As rising trade tensions make the market increasingly wild, Goldman Sachs chief US equity strategist David Kostin is zeroing in on a potentially critical distinction separating the most vulnerable stocks from the least.

With an apparent breakdown in trade talks between the US and China, Kostin is part of a growing group on Wall Street that believes the sides probably won’t reach a trade deal before the 2020 Presidential election. That means investors might have to endure a lot of shocks like the ones from last week.

With that in mind, he draws a line between companies in the …read more

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