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Olivia O’Neill, a management professor at George Mason University’s School of Business, spent decades researching why women don’t make it to the highest levels within organizations.
Her research supports the notion that women are tasked with more than their male counterparts, leading to stress and early burnout.
O’Neill pointed out the factors that contribute to the “invisible tasks” that make up that burden in an interview with Business Insider.
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People are always stopping by Olivia O’Neill’s office to talk about their personal lives.

A management professor at George Mason University School of Business in Virginia, O’Neill tells Business Insider she doesn’t mind helping when needed (“I have taken on some really lonely colleagues in the past,” she adds). But whenever the revolving door of coworkers looking for a sympathetic ear increases, so does her workload.

“Sometimes I really need the time that I’m not listening to my colleague’s problems to answer emails,” O’Neill said. That realization led her to notice something else: no one was asking male colleagues for emotional support.

O’Neill calls this a clear example of an “invisible task,” or actions women are expected to fulfill that men rarely shoulder. From taking notes at meetings to cleaning …read more

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