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This week, notoriously unlikeable twonk Piers Morgan launched a verbal attack on Duchess Meghan Markle.

He demanded that she “go back to America” if she was going to have the audacity to ask for privacy while attending her friend’s tennis match.

Well that friend, Serena Williams, is speaking out, and she may have the best advice in the world when it comes to Piers and his ilk.

Duchess Meghan attended The Championships in Wimbledon, where her Serena Williams was playing against Kaja Juvan.

Serena is, in addition to being the greatest athletes on the planet, good friends with Meghan.

Unfortunately, what should have been a simple outing became controversial after a rumor surfaced.

The rumor claimed that Meghan had asked her protection officers to ask that people not take her photo.

She wasn’t there as a member of the British royal family, but as a friend watching her friend play on the court.

E! News reports that, when they asked Serena if Meghan should ignore her haters and continue on, Serena Williams had a stunning reply.

Serena apparently “didn’t know there was negative media out there.”

To be clear, she knows that it regularly exists.

But she doens’t pay attention — not even to headlines.

“Any time I …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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