Prince William cosplayed his very narrow, particular version of “normal life” for years. For William, normal life was a palace in the city, and a lovely country home on granny’s estate. It was working part time as an air ambulance co-pilot because he wasn’t ready or willing to take on full-time royal work. It was eschewing royal events to party in Switzerland, or spending time on boar-hunting trips with Jecca Craig, or trying to keep up with the Turnip Toff society by bedding an aristocrat’s wife. What was also part of William’s normal-bloke cosplay was a trickiness around the media’s access to his children. We would go months without seeing George or Charlotte, and most people were sort of fine with that, although William and Kate were often called “controlling” when they stressed that they wanted this kids to have more normal lives.

Well, you’re not going to believe this, but sources tell Us Weekly that William thinks Harry and Meghan’s desire for privacy around Archie is stupid. Because… sure.

Straying from royal norms has been Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan’s modus operandi for a long time. So it’s no surprise that when their …read more

Source:: Cele|bitchy


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