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Thanks for the lovely story @wwd and one of my fave photos ever @markmannphoto. If you want to read about my “generally perky, positive and pragmatic outlook” click the link in bio.

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I realize most of you won’t know who this woman is upfront, but it’s in the title and I want to talk about to-do lists! Plus I really like Hearst because they regularly send us content and photos. I think they sent us a takedown notice once and they were so nice about it that it I enjoyed doing it. That’s part of the reason I wanted to cover this interview with Kate Lewis, who is their chief content officer. Also, as I always say, I love talking about schedules and processes and find The Cut’s How I Get It Done series fascinating. Lewis said that she writes a list of things to do once a week and then just throws it out and doesn’t stress over it. I really like some of the other points she made, about not sending email …read more

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