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There have been a few times in the past, say, seven years where I thought Brad Pitt looked a bit “fresh,” meaning he had a little something done to his face. Nothing major, and nothing that ever made him look like an entirely new person. Just some subtle, expensive adjustments here and there. Perhaps a smidge of Botox, perhaps some very good eye work, maybe something for the ageing jowls. I seriously don’t know if he actually got work, that’s how good the work was. Anyway, even though I was somewhat convinced that he was getting some cosmetic work on his face, I always sort of believed that his head of hair was natural. I believed he was blessed with a good head of hair and he received no help from wigs, toupees, extensions, what have you. But I’m starting to wonder.

These are photos of Brad, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot Robbie and Quentin Tarantino at the photocall for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Brad obviously wants us to think that he’s grown out his hair to shaggy ‘90s perfection. But is it really his hair? …read more

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