This post contains major spoilers for season 3 of Stranger Things.


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Billy’s Sunburn You Didn’t See
“When Billy is normal and healthy, he’s tan; when he’s flayed, he’s supposed to be pale. Then, one time when we were filming a pool scene, Dacre was in the lifeguard stand sitting directly in the sun for the entire shot. He ended up getting sunburnt on his back. Then, we had to film the shower scenes where Billy slams up against the wall and tumbles down to the ground. Dacre kept slamming against the tattoo cover-up we used to cover up the burn and scraping it off. We’d have to go in and redo it for every take.”

Self-Tanner Saved The Day
“Dacre’s skin is naturally tanned. He’s from Perth, Australia, and he loves being in the sun. If he had any tan lines when he took his shirt off, like a tank line, I used Vita Liberata’s tanning mousse to even it out and Prtty Peaushun lotion on top.”

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