Eminem, Fist Raised

Even casual fans of Eminem’s music are familiar with the intense domestic drama that’s defined much of the rapper’s life.

Following a tumultuous childhood characterized by neglect and abuse, Em — whose real name is Marshall Mathers — entered a famouslhy unhealthy marriage with Kim Scott.

Marshall and Kim weren’t married for long, but their relationship had an indelible impact on the hip hop legend’s life.

Not only did the former couple have a daughter together, Mathers adopted Kim’s niece, Alaina, as well as her daughter Whitney from another relationship.

As one of the wealthiest recording artists on the planet, Em was able to provide a better life for Kim’s niece and daughter.

But he was not able to insulate them entirely from the challenges presented by their unstable families.

According to a report published Friday by Radar Online, Whitney’s father, Eric Hartter, has been sentenced to several months in prison on drug charges.

The decision was handed down while Hartter was already behind bars on unrelated charges.

Back in December, the 40-year-old was arrested for allegedly stealing about $200 worth of Red Bull from a CVS store.

While serving time for that crime, Hartter wa arrested a second time for possession of felony contraband involving Fentanyl or …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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