The influencer marketing industry is projected to hit $2.38 billion this year. What started as a wave of indie brands turning to Instagram influencers to gain visibility for their theretofore unknown products (FitTea or SugarBearHair, anyone?) has transformed into Fortune 500 companies vying for the influencer embrace of their lotion/water bottles/bed frames/smart home devices, too. And for good reason — who among us hasn’t been moved to buy a face serum here or a chunky earring there at the recommendation of a trusted Instagram expert?

For these content creators, their commodity is their influence — and that doesn’t (and shouldn’t) come cheap. From sponsored content to ads to paid appearances — it’s nothing short of a business.

So we’re pulling back the curtain on the curated world of influencers — starting with Eugénie Grey of Feral Creature, an NYC- and LA-based photographer, and fashion, beauty, and travel blogger who has 407,000 Instagram followers and, according to her bio, can be “usually found at 35,000 ft. up”. Her IG grid is comprised of rich travel photos interspersed with soul-baring musings on the self and social justice, and of course, sponsored content. Ahead, we talked to Grey about her business, how …read more

Source:: Refinery29


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