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Scott Belsky is Adobe’s chief product officer and executive vice president at Creative Cloud. In 2006, he cofounded Behance. He’s also an author, entrepreneur, and investor.
In his experience creating different products, he’s identified the different types of customers that new businesses should want — and exactly when they should be working with those customers.
You don’t actually want to get all of your customers right away; expanding slowly, and with the right group, is essential.
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New products tend to launch with a “we’ll take any customer we can get” mentality. But what if that’s wrong, or even destructive, for the process of gaining empathy and key insights/iterating? Indeed, the customers you have at different stages of your business impact how your product evolves and how your team prioritizes. Especially for venture-backed businesses that optimize for sustainable differentiation and growth before cashflow, not all customers are equal. What makes a customer attractive throughout the lifecycle of a company? It really varies, depending on the stage of your company and product.

I’ve written about and discussed the ideal types of customers you want — and when — in the product portion of “The Messy Middle.” But …read more

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