Yesterday I read an Amanda Seyfried story by Maria at Lainey Gossip that I considered covering and decided to skip. Maria explained it much better than I could and it reminded me a little of the Olivia Munn incident in that Amanda was punching down. The background is that one of Amanda’s friends made a rude comment on an influencer’s bikini selfie post about how she was proud of her body after having two kids. The influencer, Ariellecharnas, is quite thin and it’s her job to be that way. She wasn’t telling other women they needed to get off their butts to look like her or anything. Amanda’s friend wrote a diatribe about how the influencer needed to acknowledge her privilege and she also made an idiotic “worse things are happening in the world!” argument. So the Instagrammer rightfully blocked Amanda’s friend, which is exactly what I would have done. (We are so used to seeing those kind of BS comments where people hate on us for missing something, don’t contribute to the discussion and go off about something else. Welcome to the Internet.) The influencer also blocked Amanda, so Amanda retweeted her friend’s comment like it was …read more

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