I just discovered that Amazon has their own generic brand of household products called Solimo and I’m considering trying it out. Some of the products, like tissues, aren’t cheaper than at discount outlets, but other products, like the razors below, are a total bargain. Some prices rival Costco. So I think I’ll be price shopping from now on.

12 cartridges of five-blade women’s razors for just $14.24

I’m always looking for razors on sale as I like the Venus brand and the refills are so expensive. This is a great bargain at just $14.24 for a razor handle and 12 five-blade refills! It even comes with a shower hanger. That’s so much cheaper than I’m used to. You can try it out with one handle and two blades for $5.99, which is half the price of the Venus. This has 243 reviews, 4.4 stars and a B from Fakespot. Sold. It looks more similar to the Schick Hydro than the Venus, but that’s ok at this price.

Three Laura Gellar eye and cheek travel palettes for $27

Because this brand is typically pricier I thought that you would only get one eye and cheek palette in …read more

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