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Former Florida State Attorney Barry Krischer responded to US Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, after he pinned blame for financier Jeffrey Epstein’s lenient sentence on the State Attorney’s office, saying Acosta’s “recollection of this matter is completely wrong.”
Acosta said during a press conference on Wednesday that it was the Palm Beach State’s Attorney’s office that “was willing to let Epstein walk free.”
However, Krischer said that the US Attorney’s Office produced a 53-page indictment on Epstein, but it “was abandoned after secret negotiations between Mr. Epstein’s lawyers and Mr. Acosta.”
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Barry Krischer a former state’s attorney for Palm Beach County hit back at US Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta, following a press conference on Wednesday where Acosta placed blame on the State’s Attorney’s office for the plea deal cut for financier Jeffrey Epstein.

Krischer in a statement said the secretary’s “recollection of this matter is completely wrong.”

Epstein was being investigated under suspicion of sex trafficking minors. Federal investigators were preparing a 53-page indictment, but federal charges were never filed.

Acosta, then the US Attorney in Miami, negotiated a 2008 non-prosecution deal, The Miami Herald reported, and Epstein instead pleaded guilty to two state counts of soliciting …read more

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