Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in Sumter, S.C, on Saturday, July 6, 2019. (AP Photo/Meg Kinnard)

Former Vice President Joe Biden called for an end to “forever wars” in a speech on foreign policy in New York City on Thursday, but did not acknowledge his own role in starting such conflicts.
Biden voted in favor of the Iraq War as a senator, but didn’t mention that in his speech.
Biden’s votes for the Iraq war and the Afghanistan invasion are likely to haunt him with an American electorate that has largely turned against these wars.
The former vice president also called for an end for US support to the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, but did not mention that this support began under the Obama administration while he was vice president.
Biden’s speech was a profound rebuke of President Donald Trump’s foreign policy, but did little in the way of analyzing the vice president’s own shortcomings in his record on global affairs. This could hurt him on the campaign trail.

NEW YORK CITY — The first big round of applause during Joe Biden’s lengthy foreign policy speech in Manhattan on Thursday came when he called for an end to US support for the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemen conflict.

But Biden left out the fact that US support …read more

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