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This week’s travel diary: A 27-year-old sales executive visits Tennessee for tattoos, Dollywood, and karaoke.

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Age: 27
Occupation: Sales Executive
Salary: $96,000
Annual # Of Vacation Days: 10

Location: Irvine, CA
Trip Location: Nashville, TN
Trip Length: 6 days

Travel Companion: Best friend, B
Travel Companion # of Vacation Days: 12

Costs: Round trip flight from LAX to BNA was $225. We booked an Avis rental car through Costco Travel from for five days for $128.87, but we’ll pay this when we pick up the car (if you haven’t checked them out, highly recommended. We originally booked through Expedia before this and found out Costco was $120 cheaper).

When did you book? Do you think you got a good deal? We booked it four months in advance, directly through Southwest’s website. I thought …read more

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