If you send me an email, I’m probably not going to read it.

I feel bad about this! I know I should try harder. I feel guilty every time I leave an e-card unopened, a long update from a relative unread, or click past an invitation to something I’d probably enjoy. But I’m going to level with you. I won’t read your email for the same reason I haven’t listened to a voicemail in the past five years: It’s archaic, it’s clunky, and the thought of opening it gives me a vague but overwhelming sense of dread.

Once upon a time, though, email was great! How many of us squirmed out of trouble at one time or another with “oh my email must have gotten lost,” a thing that has happened, in actuality, exactly never? But our collective honeymoon period with email is long gone. By 2014, Gizmodo had put together a list of “11 reasons email is the worst.” In 2015, Fast Company published an investigation titled “how email became the most reviled communication experience ever.” The same year, BuzzFeed News’ Matt Honan told the Reply All podcast that his approach to managing his …read more

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