Cecily Chapman and Beth Chapman

Back in June, Dog’s Most Wanted star Beth Chapman passed away at age 51 after battling throat cancer for yeras.

He family, friends, and fans continue to grieve her.

Now, her daughter Cecily has shared a heartbreaking throwback photo as a tribute to her mom. Take a look:

Cecily B Chapman took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of her late mother’s amazing nails on the steering wheel.

“My heart is so heavy,” Cecily admits.

For illustrative effect, she then includes a bright red broken heart emoji.

Speaking of her beloved mother, Cecily writes: “she was so amazing.”

“I was so lucky….” she acknowledges.

Cecily then shared that she had gotten a similar nail job, even though she had cried the entire time.

Fans may not have known Beth like her children did, but they are mourning right alongside them.

In the comment below this heartfelt post, affection and emotional support poured in to the grieving daughter.

“Take her legacy and model her grace,” suggests one fan.

That same follower adds: “That is the best gift you could give to honor her.”

That is some very touching advice.

“So so sad. so many hearts are heavy,” observes another fan.

That same follower adds: “I miss her I could only imagine what your …read more

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