Yay for Kaiser

For Jenelle Evans, what a difference a week make.

Like, what a major difference a week makes.

Just consider the following…

On July 1, the disgraced ex-Teen Mom star was unsure what the future would bring, as she prepared to attend yet another custody hearing during which she and violent husband David Eason would plead their case.

At that time, they had no idea whether their kids would ever be returned to their care.

Fast forward seven days, however, and not only are two-year old Ensley and five-year old Kaiser once again living with their famous mother — but Jenelle is sharing photo of her and the latter child celebrating a milestone in the toddler’s life.

“Super happy!” Evans Tweeted along with the above photo on Monday, adding:

“Kaiser’s school is going to ‘re-do’ his Pre-K Graduation just for him with all his friends since he missed it. Can’t wait to see my Bubba walk…

“You did it Bubba! I couldn’t be more proud of you. Now it’s time for the Big Boy School! Extremely grateful Kaiser’s school did their own ceremony for him, since he missed his. #Blessed #Bittersweet.”

Addressing Kaiser himself on Instagram, while posting the same snapshot, Jenelle wrote:

You’re so perfect.

Evans and Eason, of course, …read more

Source:: The Hollywood Gossip


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