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Wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein is facing charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy in federal court, after multiple drawn-out legal battles between him and alleged victims that began in 2005.
As the case against Epstein proceeds, plenty of strange and bizarre details about the mysterious financier have re-surfaced or been discovered.
These include many aspects of his odd personal history, his assets, and his “collection” of famous friends and acquaintances, many of whom are now distancing themselves from Epstein.
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Wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein has tended to stay in the shadows over the course of his mysterious career. Besides a few profiles of the man now facing charges of sex trafficking of minors and conspiracy, along with the trove of court documents that have accompanied him, little is known about Epstein.

What is known is very confusing. Epstein sits at the center of a tangled web of expensive assets and famous friends who are now desperate to distance themselves, given the accusations against him.

Here are the most bizarre aspects of Epstein’s life, and the case being brought against him.

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