Gary Vaynerchuk

VaynerMedia started 10 years ago as a scrappy social-media agency and has grown into a holding company, VaynerX, that’s more than 800 people strong.
Led by the divisive Gary Vaynerchuk, the holding company, VaynerX, houses six businesses including analytics, consulting, and digital media, and has blue-chip clients like GE and Chase.
VaynerMedia says it racked up $131 million in revenue in 2018, projects 15% growth this year, and is profitable.
At a time when agency holding companies are under attack, VaynerX boasts it’s truly differentiated from industry giants like WPP and Omnicom and is winning business from some of the industry’s titans.
Detractors and even fans say the agency has come a long way but has to grow its international presence, creative chops, and talent to truly compete.
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As the advertising establishment heads to Cannes for the annual, rosé-soaked ritual of making deals and collecting awards on the French Riviera, Gary Vaynerchuk wants the marketing world to know there’s a new type of agency holding company in town.

Vaynerchuk and his brother AJ started VaynerMedia with a scrappy social-media agency operating out of borrowed space. It’s since grown into an 800-plus-person sprawling holding company, VaynerX, with six businesses …read more

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