INSIDER reported yesterday that Saudi authorities are tracking down women who flee its repressive society by using their cell phone IMEI numbers.
The technique — usually reserved for issues of war and national security — can be replicated on more or less any mobile device, using a 15-digit serial code.
When you make a call, use 4G data, or send a text, your IMEI number is broadcast through nearby cell towers, and is used by your network provider.
Here’s how a government or person, benign or malicious, could get your IMEI and track you down by using it.
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An INSIDER investigation has revealed Saudi Arabia is tracking down women who run away — often fleeing abuse — by using their cell phone IMEI number.

Although rarely used outside of the realms of crime, national security, and armed conflict, the technique is possible to use to find almost any mobile device.

Every cell phone has an International Mobile Equipment Identity number, or IMEI. They are 15 digits long, and no two are the same. Contained within the numbers are details of the make and model of the device.

It’s a bit like a serial number. Disguised within the …read more

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