I’m not typically a big mobile game person. Part of that is because I have a military-grade iPhone case, designed to protect my screen from a cat bent on proving the universe’s trend toward disorder, but which doesn’t register rapid responses for time-sensitive games. I’m also easily distracted, swiping out of apps every few minutes to check push notifications and emails. Plus I generally seek to satisfy my competitive streak in more unhealthy ways, like caring far more than any self-respecting person should about the outcome of Seattle Mariners games.

All that being said, in the past few days I’ve become hopelessly addicted to Tiles.

(Screenshot of Tiles | The New York Times)

Unless you happen to frequent The New York Times’ crossword puzzle page, you might have missed the rollout of Tiles earlier this week. Still, the launch is noteworthy in part because it is the Times’ first original game that doesn’t involve words. (Although Tiles doesn’t have a stand-alone app, it can easily be played in a browser window on a computer or phone, and it’s free even if you aren’t a subscriber.)

On the surface, Tiles is a simple matching game in which you try to get the …read more

Source:: The Week – Tech


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