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One of the most infuriating stories happening this week is about the World Cup, and the US Women’s soccer team. On Tuesday, Team USA played Team Thailand and it was an utter beatdown, a historic rout for the American women, with a final score line of 13-0. The American women celebrated every single goal like it was their first and last, high-fiving and hugging and cheering for themselves. And that was the controversy. People yelled at the women for “unsportsmanlike conduct” in… celebrating their goals as professional athletes in the biggest international stage of their lives. Don’t you know that women are never supposed to shine and sparkle and celebrate their achievements? Here’s a good primer on what happened:

The critics argue that Team USA should have, like, stopped celebrating or maybe stopped going for goals at some point when it was clear they were going to win? Which is bullsh-t, because A) it was a historic win and “doing it for the history books” is a great reason to go for it and B) the number of goals scored will likely be very important if Team USA …read more

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