I’m not going to lie: I’m still thinking about the story Celebitchy covered last month about David Cross telling Conan about his and Amber Tamblyn’s couple’s colonic, and how that was a bad idea. I was confused when I read the story, and I remain confused as to why that seemed like a good idea for any amount of time.

If, like me, you want to forget that particular story, here’s another one about Amber: In April, she tweeted that she is Olay’s “Creative Director for an important project about self care.” She’s also published three books of poetry, so perhaps it’s no surprise that she’s penned “The Braveness of Being: Olay’s Manifesto for Self Care”, which Us Weekly exclusively shared:

See the boldness of your dare,
the dawning of you, rising to its power,
radiating into the world, your journey’s brightness.

As you move into the next languages of your story,
celebrate all that has been conjured and conquered to get here,
and all that must be cherished and nurtured
to keep going.

See your body’s protection as the gift
you were given, and give,
for the past and future armors of your skin:

Be delicate to the touch,
soothing in a world of severity,
resilient against the odds.

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