You’re probably not paying a ton of attention to the 2020 Democratic primary yet, and we can’t blame you: It’s June 2019. You want to live a little. Maybe hang out on a boat somewhere, or drink one of those fishbowl margaritas with the Corona bottles turned upside-down.

But unless you’re living under a rock the size of Donald Trump’s ego, you likely know that out of the whopping 24 Democrats in the 2020 race (question: Why do they have to be so extra?) there are six women, which is more women running for president than ever in history. And that, of course, means you have no excuse to vote for a crusty old white man. (Nope. None. Sorry. Don’t @ us.) Let’s face it, after 45 dudes/duds, it’s about time to try something new.

Because all of the women in the race are very different — their policies, personalities, pets, you name it — we’ve decided to put together a handy cheat sheet to help you decide which one you should vote for. We already ushered in the most diverse Congress in history in 2018 — who is to say we can’t elect a female president in 2020? …read more

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