U.S. President Trump paper mexico deal

Donald Trump boasted that details of his new Mexico deal were “secret,” but wafted notes around showing how it worked.
Trump addressed reporters outside the White House on Tuesday, and repeatedly got out a white A4 sheet which bore details of Friday’s deal.
Zoomed-in photographs taken by news agencies captured several sections of text, which reveal some terms of the deal.
One section says Mexico has “within 45 days” to slow the flow of migrants to the US. The information isn’t secret as the step was announced by Mexican foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard on Monday.
The photos also show text implying Mexico should become a safe third country for people claiming asylum in the US while US courts process their claims. Mexico has not yet publicly agreed to this.
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President Donald Trump was photographed holding a piece of paper clearly showing details of a deal with Mexico over immigration on Tuesday, despite claiming the deal itself is “secret.”

Trump brandished a folded sheet of white A4 paper while giving a statement outside the White House, which was captured by multiple photographers.

Text on the paper can clearly be made out, and appears to show details of …read more

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